martes, junio 17, 2008

Algunos Problemas con el dia de la descarga de firefox 3

No se explica por que sucedio esto pero el dia de la descarga estaba siendo aplazado en todo el mundo por problemas en los servidores de descarga de firefox 3 por ejemplo cuando intente descargarlo me salian avisos de muchas conexiones simultaneas ahora no se si eran conexiones pidiendo la descarga o por que habia descargas simultaneas lo unico quie me salia era el aviso de muchas conexiones pero averiguando el servidor se cayo a las 10:12 a.m. en todo caso hay un link mas para descargarlo

en todo caso aqui esta la noticia

Web site problems held up the launch of Firefox 3 on Tuesday.

The Get Firefox site went down near the 10 a.m. PDT launch time. Mozilla, the for-profit subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that oversees Firefox development, said it was having technical difficulties with the site.

Mozilla hopes to set a 24-hour record for most downloads with Firefox 3, but the delay shouldn't affect that much. "The 24-hour period starts when the site goes live," spokeswoman Melissa Shapiro said.

Update 10:51 a.m. PDT: Mozilla said in a blog posting that the site should be available "shortly."

"The outpouring of interest and enthusiasm around Firefox 3 has been overwhelming (literally!). Our servers are currently feeling the burn and should be back to normal shortly. Download day will officially commence once the site goes live," Mozilla said.

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